Crowley High

Crowley High logo

Crowley High is the name of the school Todd goes to, and where most of the episodes take place. The school is located in a town called Crowley Heights. The logo for Crowley High is an upside-down pentagon inside a circle, with a horned goat inside sticking its tongue out.

While there is a lot of chaos, death and mutilation going on at the school, the teachers and other personnel don't really seem to notice and/or care.

The paramedics usually park their van right around the corner from the school, probably due to all the deaths and injuries.

Crowley High has a couple of official teams and clubs:

  • Basketball team;
  • Cheerleading squad;
  • Swim team (only mentioned on flyers seen in the series, and called "Crowley High Speedo Club");
  • Chess club;
  • AV club.