Full name Gyna
Gender Female
Played by Amy Couldwell
Gyna is a nature freak and really annoyed at how eco-unfriendly Crowley High is. She dresses and talks like a typical emo-hippie.

When she runs into Curtis and Todd doing crazy stunts with plastic bottles she freaks out, and soon after finds The Book of Pure Evil. She uses it to have nature take over the school, which turns all of the students except Hannah into cavemen. Gyna herself turns into a huge tree, and demands human bodies for sustenance. When she tries to consume Hannah, Hannah instead feeds her the contents of a fire-extinguisher from the school that was known to contain asbestos, thus killing Gyna and reversing the spell.


  • Only seen in episode 2x05.
  • She spells women with a 'y' (womyn) to keep the 'men' out of it.