Todd character Jenny Kolinsky

Jenny is the typical gothic tough girl, who Todd has had a crush on since they both began high school. Her father dissapeared while conducting research on the book. Jenny only joined Todd's gang after he had found the book, but since then has warmed up to him and the rest of his little gang. She helps Todd, Curtis and Hannah search for the book while looking for clues that might lead to her father. She had a boyfriend but left him after Todd made his ass bleed in a guitar battle, she once tried being a lesbian for a while but decided she was more happy with boys. Besides Todd, Curtis and Hannah she has only one friend named Marcie. She once became very, very fat when the book unleashed a monster made of human fat and in the season one finale she followed Mr. Murphy to the retirement home where she found her father. She and her father were captured by Mr. Murphy, now Todd must save her.

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