Full name Jimmy
Gender Male
Played by Jason Mewes
Jimmy is the janitor at Crowley High School. He is a friend of The Gang, especially Todd, and often gives him cryptic advise. Also, he lets Todd and the gang borrow questionable items on a regular basis for a tithe.

He has a long-running feud with The Metal Dudes, and has once used The Book of Pure Evil to keep them out of the school. The side effect of this was that he himself got locked inside the school, where he has been living for 16 years. It is not shown why the Metal Dudes targeted him, but they possibly thought Jimmy may have been the Pure Evil One, going so far as to appear as Nikki Kane in order to deflower him.

Jimmy is known to be a pervert, and on multiple occasions can be seen to look at weird forms of pornography, and makes regular comments about girls' asses and asks them if they ever heard about a "Brazilian Smother Monkey". He can often be spotted having sex with female staff members from the school. He was once fired by Atticus for peeping at school girls, but when it turned out he wasn't the peeper, he got rehired.

He loves to smoke pot, and is seen growing it himself.

Jimmy usually wears a janitor's outfit with his name on it. He has wings tattooed on his shoulders and upper arms.

Known sex partnersEdit

  • Ms. Valeri in episode 1x03;
  • Ms. Dempsey in episode 1x04;
  • Nikki Kane.


  • Jimmy owns a set of nunchucks made from dildos.
  • He collects explosives.