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Full name Nikki Kane
Gender Female
Played by Carmen Lavigne
Nikki from the end of the end

Nikki Kane is a girl that is created when the the metal heads merge. She appears mainly for the sole purpose of seducing Todd to pop his cherry so that Todd could become the pure evil one. She seems to have a history with Jimmy even stating she really did love him.

It's possible she is some how a separate entity from The Metal Dudes as one of them said to Jimmy "I never got what she saw in you." however since the show was cancelled this will remain a mystery.

In the film the end of the end it is revealed that she is indeed a separate entity, when Jimmy ask her to run away with him and to stop hurting his friends she forces the Metal Dudes to combine to reform herself. After the battle Todd asks what's to stop her from turning into the Metal Dudes again which she assures them that the power of true love will keep her in her current form and is now accepted by the gang.