Pat Kolinsky

Pat Kolinsky

Pat Kolinsky is Jenny's father. He was kidnapped about a year before the series while researching the Book of Pure Evil. Jenny was quite upset about losing her father, and searched for him throughout the first season.

When he was finally found by Jenny at the Retirement Home, he turned out to be comatose. This was due to the Satanic Cult using rat poison on him instead of truth serum, which they kept on the same shelf. It turned out the Satanic Cult had Atticus kidnap him so they could question him about The Prophecy.

Jenny got stuck with him after her mother dumped him with her because he was a vegetable. In episode 2x02 he became part of The Student Body, and afterwards turned out to have awakened from his coma.

Back among the living, Pat turned out to be a satanist but wanted to join The Gang to search for the Book. The Gang refused him membership because of their conflicting goals, and him being a total asshole. He used the Book to become a skin-changer, and disguised himself as several students to try and join the gang, and succeeded. When Jenny found out about this, she was angry with him and refused to help him anymore, so he wanted to kill Jenny and wear her skin to get to Todd. When the Book tried to fly away, he went after it and fell to his death, even though Jenny still tried to save him, but failed because his skin came off.

Played by: Ross McMillan